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Are YOU ready to start a healthier lifestyle? Do YOU want to change your behavior for good?

It starts with good nutrition protecting your health. Many chronic diseases can be prevented through your lifestyle choices and habits, such as eating healthy foods and being physically active.

That’s why registered dietitian and author, Cheryl Mussatto, with over 25 years of experience in many areas of food and nutrition, can guide YOU on YOUR path to improved health and wellness.


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Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD

Cheryl Mussatto is a Kansas based registered dietitian offering nutrition education services to individuals and groups.

Cheryl currently is a nutrition contributor of "Eat Well to Be Well" for The Osage County Herald-Chronicle. She also writes several weekly nutrition/health articles as a blog contributor for world renowned surgeon Dr. David B. Samadi. Cheryl also works as a clinical dietitian at an endocrinology clinic and a cardiac rehab clinic, in addition to being a guest speaker as a nutrition expert at various events.

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What can a Registered Dietitian do for you?


Develop a plan to improve your health that is realistic and tailored to your individual needs.


Help you understand how good nutrition benefits you in other areas of your health and life.


Help you overcome eating challenges, discover successful solutions, and manage chronic diseases.

Cheryl's Blog

Recipes, Nutrition Tips, and More

Pomegranate juice

Top Beverages for Heart Health: What to Consume (And Which Beverages to Avoid)

Cheers to a Healthy Heart! Discover the Best Beverages to Consume and Which Ones to Nix.  …

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Unlock the potential for your best health by trading eating perfection for eating smarter

Redefining the Menu: Ditch Perfect Plates, Embrace Smart Eating for Lasting Health Nutrition isn’t just about eating…

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Do calorie counts on fast-food menus really impact a person’s decision-making? Sort of, according to Taco Bell study

Posting calorie counts on fast food and restaurant chains may somewhat impact a person’s food choices at…

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Omelet for breakfast with vegetables

Boost Your Breakfast: Easy Ways to Sneak in More Veggies for a Healthier Start to Your Day

Eating more vegetables for breakfast is easier than you may think!    Are you a breakfast person? If so,…

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Healthy gift ideas for Christmas

18 Christmas gifts promoting health and wellness all year long

Discover Christmas gift ideas that inspire and motivate loved ones to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2024…

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Pomegranates and pomegranates juice

Pomegranates – Protector of your health

The fruit’s seeds and natural juice are a wealth of nutrients beneficial for your health. Right about…

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