Are you being extra kind to your kidneys?

                              The extra TLC pays off in a lifetime of good kidney health   Let’s face it, countless articles have been written on safeguarding the health of your heart and brain. While heart and brain health are absolutely crucial for overall…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 25, 2020

The ABCs of managing diabetes

If only receiving a diabetes diagnosis was as easy as learning the ABCs.  Actually, it can be.  Anyone with diabetes should know three key steps – the ABCs of diabetes control – to better manage their disease lowering their risk of serious complications. Having diabetes is not easy.  When first diagnosed, individuals may feel overwhelmed…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Jul 26, 2019
healthy lifestyle habits

Your proactive plan for reversing prediabetes

The numbers keep rising.  Just three years ago, 79 million adults in the U.S. were estimated to have prediabetes. Today, that number has ballooned to a disturbing 84 million American adults with this condition. Even more disturbing is that out of that number, only 12% have been given their diagnosis. That means about 70 million…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 24, 2018
colorful healthy lentils

Lentils – Your go-to food for lowering blood glucose levels

If there is one top food under the radar many of us are overlooking, it is lentils.  One of the most nutritious and versatile plant-based sources of protein around, lentils are now linked to significantly lowering blood glucose (aka sugar) levels helping to manage or even prevent diabetes. A new study from the University of…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Jul 26, 2018

My experience wearing a continuous blood glucose monitor

Working as a clinical registered dietitian at an endocrinology clinic always brings new challenges and opportunities of interacting with patients. Individuals with diabetes need dietitians’ expertise and advice to help better manage blood glucose levels gaining optimal control of their disease to reduce and prevent health complications. And what better way to do this than…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Feb 15, 2017

Farro – a five-star grain

  Farro may not quite be a household word like quinoa or a food very many of us have in our pantry but give it a try and you’ll be sold on this ancient grain just like the Roman legions were centuries ago. Also known as emmer wheat and the pharaoh’s wheat, this grain was allegedly carried…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Jul 11, 2016

Slash sugar and change your life

We can’t help ourselves. From the day we’re born, we’re hooked on it. Sugar, that is. There’s a reason why breastmilk tastes sweet. Nature establishes an innate preference for something sweet for our taste buds to enjoy. In order for the behavior to be reinforced and repeated it has to be pleasurable and sugar meets…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Apr 14, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes – 9 steps on how to stop it before it even starts

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can be a life-altering experience. If diabetes runs in your family, it does not mean you will automatically develop it but you are at a greater risk because of your genes.  However, you can take steps today to prevent ever getting a diagnosis of the seventh leading cause of…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Nov 10, 2015

Artificial Sweeteners – sweet deal or not

Artificial sweeteners have been a part of the food supply for a long time. Ever since a Russian chemist discovered saccharin by accident in 1878, the quest for finding an alternative to table sugar has been nonstop. Sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners are substances that can be used to sweeten foods and beverages in place…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Oct 9, 2015

Battle of the (belly) bulge can be won

Call it what you want – belly bulge, belly fat, beer belly, pot belly, spare tire – most of us have some and would like to get rid of it. Fighting unwanted excess fat around the abdominal area can be a long, difficult battle many combat for years, often without success. Countless people usually give…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 31, 2015