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Cheryl Mussatto is a weekly nutrition columnist of Eat Well To Be Well for Osage County Online: Click here to read more.

In addition, she writes several weekly nutrition articles as a blog contributor for Dr. David Samadi, chairman of urology and chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City: Click here to read more.

Cheryl’s work has appeared in the following publications:

  • The Huffington Post
  • The New York Daily News
  • The Observer
  • The Queens Tribune
  • El Pais
  • The Epoch Times
  • International Business Times
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Food Network
  • Nutrition Dimension
  • Popsugar Fitness
  • Eating Well
  • Family Proof
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Thrive Global
  • The Diabetes Council
  • Everyday Health
  • The South Pasadenan
  • The Emporia Gazette
  • Osage County Online
  • The Osage County Herald-Chronicle
  • PR Web
  • The Daily Meal
  • U.S. News and World Report
  • Cooking Light
  • Today’s Dietitian Magazine
  • Livestrong
  • Newsmax
  • The Daily Caller

Cheryl Mussatto has been a frequent guest on Dr. Samadi’s Sunday morning radio show called World Health News at am970 The Answer in New York City:

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