Looking for natural ways to reduce cholesterol? 8 food sources that can help

Most of us would rather treat high cholesterol naturally if at all possible. But depending on your cholesterol level, many physicians will prescribe medication such as a statin. Statins can be effective in lowering cholesterol but may also cause adverse side effects for some individuals. First, always listen to your physician and never quit taking…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 10, 2015

“Clean” up your diet and change your life

For the past several years there has been a dietary term called “clean eating” or “eating clean” that has followed on the heels of the organic, local and slow food movements. Clean eating simply means eating foods in their most natural, whole state as possible while reducing the intake of processed and packaged foods to…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 9, 2015
the McDonald's diet showing fries, burgers and soda

The McDonald’s Diet

You may have read or heard about the high school science teacher, John Cisna, from Iowa who had three of his students do a semester project featuring him eating nothing but food from McDonalds for 90 days. The purpose of this experiment was to see if he could lose weight and how it would affect…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 8, 2015

The magic of family meals – a secret to raising good kids

Want to know a secret to raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children? Eat meals together as a family as often as you can. This one simple yet often hard to make happen activity is so important it should be a main priority of strengthening your family. Once you have children, sitting down to eat a meal…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 4, 2015

Minimize portion size to maximize weight loss

Over the years, if there was one thing that grew right along with the American public’s waistline, it was the portion size of our food. Or should that statement be reversed? Either way, as our waistlines and portion sizes expanded, the number of people diagnosed with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension has swelled…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 3, 2015

10 ways to be an expert at spotting nutrition quackery

From the days of well-dressed salesmen selling snake oil to the sleek professional websites on the internet of today, you need to know how to protect yourself from nutrition quackery. If you don’t, you may be wasting money on fraudulent nutrition services that are ineffective or risky to your health. Nutrition quackery is defined as…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 2, 2015

Do dietary supplements give athletes the winning edge?

Dietary supplements have always played a predominate role in the world of sports. Whether a person is a competitive athlete or a casual exerciser, today’s athlete is always looking for the latest and greatest nutritional supplement that will give them the ultimate performance-enhancing edge. Competition in sports has always been high but nowadays it is…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Sep 1, 2015

Battle of the (belly) bulge can be won

Call it what you want – belly bulge, belly fat, beer belly, pot belly, spare tire – most of us have some and would like to get rid of it. Fighting unwanted excess fat around the abdominal area can be a long, difficult battle many combat for years, often without success. Countless people usually give…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 31, 2015

A Prescription for Prediabetes – Be Proactive

We’ve all heard of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but what about prediabetes? The prevalence of prediabetes is a major problem in this country. It’s estimated 79 million Americans have it, with about 35 percent of adults aged 20 and older and 50 percent of adults aged 65 and older. It is an under…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 28, 2015

Vitamin K2 – A Little Known Nutrient with Big Benefits

Vitamin K, a fat soluble vitamin discovered in the 1930’s, is best known for its role in blood coagulation or blood clotting. This form is also known as vitamin K1 or phylloquinone. However there is another form of vitamin K that hasn’t received as much attention until the 21st century – vitamin K2. Vitamin K2,…

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By Cheryl Mussatto, MS, RD, LD | Aug 27, 2015